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Maintaining the exterior of your Key West home requires a lot of extra care. More so than living back on the mainland.  Check out our high quality work. And call us today at (305) 771-1803

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Exterior Painting

paint job. If your home was painted before 1978, chances are your house might have been painted with lead based paint. Be sure to consult with a lead based professional contractor if you believe that your home is painted with lead based paint.

When Pirate Painiting schedules a consultation, we start by walking around the perimeter of the house to see what work needs to be done. We advise that if the exterior of your property needs any repairs or updating, you have that completed before we start the job. Since it’s an exterior, it is constantly exposed to all the extreme Florida Keys elements . If the house is wood, we start off by scraping the paint chips with putty knife, sand it, and then finish with pressure washing. This will remove any loose debris, that can get in the way of a good painting job.

We do want to protect the perimeter of the house, so we use heavy duty plastic and duct tape to cover the shrubbery. We then attach the plastic to the wall with duct tape, so that we are able to cover the plants around the home. After that, we add our canvas drop cloth runners, where we are able to get a grip, as they are much safer to walk on. To figure out how much paint you might need for your home, our experts multiply the perimeter by height and that equals the square footage. For example, one gallon of paint equals 400 sq ft. Essentially, it all depends on how many square footage your home size is.

Last but not least, we start painting. Now, that is our favorite part. With these simple steps we are able to finalize the job with perfection and lifetime customers and our clients satisfaction of the ending results. To get more information or to set up an appointment with Pirate Painters visit us on our website or search for key west painters exterior services and you will come into direct contact with us. You can also give us a call by clicking on our phone number, (305) 771-1803, any time from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

Our company, Pirate Painting in Key West, provides exterior house painting for all of our residential and commercial clientele in Monroe County, Florida. Please always keep in mind when choosing the right painting company, that exterior paint is extremely different from interior paint. Even the color of the paint itself can be detrimental to your final goals.

When dealing with exterior paint colors, the professional painters at Pirate Painting always make sure that the exterior of your home or business will look appealing from sunrise to sunset. Most importantly we try to guide our clients to pick a color that coordinates well and accentuates the foundation of their home or business. In addition to the look of the paint, Pirate Painting always takes into consideration the quality of the paint.

With over 40 years in the painting business, we not only know what will look good, but the types of paint that will last long and will stand up to any type of weather condition. So, if you are looking for “exterior house painting near me” all over the internet, and do not know who to choose, just stop searching. Pirate Painting is the best choice for an exterior painting company in the Key’s.

To prove to you that Pirate Painting is the best professional painting company, we will let you in on our secret to a great paint job; it’s in the preparation. Every painting professional that we hire to represent Pirate Painting will always get the job done right, because they are prepared with all the essential tools and materials. 
We are going to walk you through the process on what are the steps to get the perfect coating on exterior painting. Exterior paint jobs can last up to 5-20 years. You are able to tell when it chips or peels, or color gets faded, that it is time for a new

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