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We're open to any challenge. What do you have?

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Step 2: Paint Color Selection: choosing the right paint color for your house is very important. You want to be happy with your choice and you also want it to match the esthetics of each room. With the endless amounts of paint colors out there to choose from, the experts at Pirate Painting will guide you in the right direction. From a soft shade or neutral, to bright and vibrant, or a more darker cool tone, we guarantee that you’ll love the final product.

Step 3: Prepping: the preparation process is key, for the results to be exactly what you imagined. From having the right tools and materials, to always having the right amount of paint for the job, to covering and protecting all of your valuables, Pirate Painting does not miss any step of the painting process. 

Step 4: Painting: with your colors of choice, the walls prepped and cleaned, all your furniture and belongings covered and protected, we now can make your interior design dreams a reality. Our Key West painters will use painting techniques that will assist us in a quick, efficient, and long-lasting paint job. 

Step 5: Cleaning Up: You put your trust in us and chose Pirate Painting, out of all the painting companies in Key West, FL, therefore, we will leave you with a long-lasting, great impression of us and how we provide our services. We will leave your home spotless and with a gorgeous new finish. 

To schedule a free estimate for your next house painting project, please give us a call by clicking on our phone number here (305) 771-1803 or visiting our Contact Us page.

...and choose us! When you need quality and affordability, Pirate Painting provides that and so much more! We are also a dependable source for house painting, as well as all types of wall covering services. From wallpaper installation to drywall repair, no job is too big or too small for our group of professional contractors. And since painting is what we built our reputation on in Key West, we also provide other essential painting services such as paint removal, trim and baseboard painting. If your property requires any sort of renovation service, you can always count on James and his crew at Pirate Painting.

If you’re not already convinced, let us tell you why you should hire the best Key West house painters. We will always guarantee our customers satisfaction when it comes to our painting services and overall as a local painting company. As a team of experienced painters, we take pride in the work that we do. That is why each paint job is done properly, efficiently, and meets our clients expectations. From start to finish, we make it our goal that our clients have an amazing experience when they hire Pirate Painting. If being in business 40 plus years has taught us anything, it’s that word of mouth in Key West goes a long way. And that’s what makes Pirate Painting a superior painting company compared to the rest. 

Let us tell you exactly how we remain the best Key West painting company.

Step 1: Planning: with our knowledge and expertise in the best painting products on the market, and after painting and restoring thousands of homes, we have a wide portfolio for you to choose from to make the best decision. 

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